The Clientele Suburban Light (180g) Vinyl LP

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The Clientele's debut was never meant to sound like this. It was supposed to be a complicated, high-production affair rendered in a major studio. From 1997 until 2000, The Clientele had released a sterling string of 7" singles on several labels — Pointy and Fierce Panda, Elefant and Johnny Kane. These were demo versions made in preparation for the big album they were on the way to making. Unfortunately, once they found themselves in a proper studio, they could not find the sound they wanted. Instead of the warmth of their demos, the engineer wanted to make them sound like Radiohead. Perhaps it's for the best then, that Suburban Light is comprised from those demos. The album retains the intimacy of those initial records. It's the sound of four pals, playing songs written from a place with which they all identify. The album is the bare essentials of what makes up The Clientele and it's damn beautiful. 180 gram reissue, includes CD of covers, rehearsals, B-sides, and three unreleased songs.

  • music label: Merge Records 2000 / 2014
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 07/2014