The Cure Disintegration (Remastered, 180g) Vinyl 2LP

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Disintegration is arguably The Cure's biggest album (certainly the most successful from a commercial standpoint), and it gets the deluxe reissue treatment here. Doesn't really matter what year/era you were born in, if you were a mopey kid in high school, chances are you're gonna love it if you don 't have it already for some weird reason. It features several of the band's most popular singles ("Pictures Of You," "Lullaby," "Lovesong" and "Fascination Street"), that you should already be familiar with if you have a copy of Galore like everyone else. There's tons of great shoegazey stuff on here too though (supposedly, Robert Smith was tripping balls while he produced a lot of these), including "Plainsong," "Closedown," "Prayers For Rain" and the "The Same Deep Water As You." Pretty cool to re-listen to those and realize how much all the new "chill wave" bands have been ripping them off. It's 12 tracks in all, pressed on 180g vinyl and packaged in a nice looking gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves. Recommended.

  • music label: Atlantic / 2010
reviewed by Hires 06/2010