The Cyclist Bones in Motion (Free MP3) 2LP

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This is not quite what you would expect from Matthewdavid's Leaving Records and Stones Throw. The former traffics in abstract beats that follow in the wake of Flying Lotus, while the latter has its roots in hip hop but has dabbled in a little bit of everything as of late - save for the house and techno of The Cyclist, however. Bones In Motion may not be the most obvious jumping off point for a collaboration between the two labels, but the tell tale signs are there. The Irish producer uses a combination of elements that will not be unfamiliar; drum machines, samples, synths and a healthy dose of warm distortion. There are minimal exercises in simplicity coupled with dirt covered excursions to the dancefloor. While The Cyclist's contemporaries might aim for pristine productions, it appears he enjoys his sound running in the red through a vintage cassette deck. This will be welcome news to fans of both labels, as it seems The Cyclist embraces the experimentalism with a nod to the past that both thoroughly endorse.

  • music label: Leaving Records 2013
reviewed by The Voice 05/2013