The Darling Dears & Funky Heavy I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another / And I Love You 7"

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7" Vinyl $9.00
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Where the F has this been in my life? Maybe it's cause a copy sold for $3050 as early back as November 2011 (2 copies later sold in the $800 range)? The majestic sound is something you just wouldn't be able to even imagine. To put it in some modern context, my brain is like this is some RZA sample shit, but when the song starts to breathe, I'm like RZA has nothing on this. Those thud bomb 2000 drums, the wicked guitar plucks in the distance, and the female vocals? Ownit. Ownit. Ownit. Both sides are tremendous, but I something about "And I Love You(1)" pulls at my soul strings. Wait a second, that outtro on "I Don't Think I'll Ever Love You(2)" just stole my Yugo. Highly recommended.

  • music label: Orivious
reviewed by the mgmnt 02/2012