The Flaming Lips Peace Sword (Free MP3) LP (Record Store Day)

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Black Friday Record Store Day 2013 Exclusive! That The Flaming Lips continue to release music nearly 40 years into their career is a feat in and of itself. The fact that they've been able to change their stylistic leanings throughout their career and still remain as The Flaming Lips is another. Peace Sword is an effort that came to be after they were asked to contribute to the Ender's Games soundtrack. It is composed of the title track (which will appear in the film) and songs that were inspired by the movie but were rejected by its makers. The music is at once anthemic and dark, overpowering and uplifting. This is the Lips returning to ground covered on Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots while still keeping an ear towards their bleak 2013 album, The Terror.

  • limited edition vinyl pressing
  • features "Peace Sword" from the Ender's Game OST
  • music label: Lovely Sorts of Death Records 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 12/2013