The Knife The Knife (180g, Free CD) 2LP

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Eponymous debut album from The Knife reissued in fine form! Before they wowed us with "Heartbeats" and 2006's stellar Silent Shout the duo of Karin and Olof Dreijer dabbled in more standard electro-pop fare. With their debut you can hear the grumblings of the unique sound they ended up carving out for themselves. The sentimental melodies are there, but the production level is not quite at the level they attained on later releases. Still, this record makes for a more than enjoyable listen. It has exotic qualities that separate it from the rest of the electro-pop pretenders, and Karin's voice and the melodies it carries point to the greatness that was to come. With the reissue, Brille has paid propper tribute to The Knife's debut. The 180 gram double vinyl pressing is housed in a gatefold sleeve and includes a CD copy of the album.

  • music label: Brille Records 2013
reviewed by The Voice 11/2013