The Pharcyde Otha Fish (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 7"

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7" Vinyl $10.95
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There are so many great singles from Bizarre Ryde, but this happens to be my favorite. "Otha Fish" was a delicious strange fruit of this golden year (1993). Half-sung, half jazz, half-altogether new, it was one of that tracks that really tipped Bizarre Ryde from real good party album into classic status. The song oozes personality, especially with the echoed vintage mic effects, taking you underwater and back to the '60s at the same time on some truly next level ish. Features the original single version with acapella on the flip, pressed up on clear orange vinyl and housed in mini-reproduction of the OG 12" pic sleeve. Recommended.

  • limited edition
  • colored vinyl pressing
  • music label: The Bicycle Music Company 2016
reviewed by the mgmnt 04/2016