The Roots W / Roy Ayers Proceed II Vinyl 12" (Deadstock)

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I shall... proceed! Deadstock 1995 copies of The Roots x Roy Ayers collab. This single came out after the original Proceed single as a part of the Red Hot and Blue compilation. Released on the Impulse Jazz label, the Red and Hot Blue series teamed up hip-hop acts with well-known jazz musicians. In this case, the collaboration features Roy Ayers on the vibes, a formidable compliment to the live Roots sound. The 12" features Proceed II, IV, and V. II is the original Roy Ayers version, IV is AJ Shine's remix, and V is Da Beatminerz remix. Instrumentals for IV and V.

  • original copies
  • music label: GRP 1995
reviewed by the mgmnt 10/2015