The Rub It's The MF'n Remix #2 CD

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Headed by the three man crew of Ayres, Eleven & Cosmo Baker, the Rub guys are back with an even bigger cast of friends and a wider range of remixes for the part two of their idea of a remix album. The first volume was one of our best selling cds of the last year (still going strong), so you guys should already know the deal with this. While there's a healthy amount of pure party material here, the selection goes well beyond the drunken kingdom of knee-jerk mashup, featuring original remixes (check Paul Nice's work on "Devil's Pie"), stuff that won't necessarily work in the club but sounds great (Dead Prez over "Cadillac On 22s"!), strange experimentation, etc. Includes remixes by the above mentioned plus A-Trak, Diplo, Low Budget, Mark Ronson, Nick Catchdubs, Max Glazer, DJ Platurn, Crooked, and Brendan Bring Em. 27 tracks, recommended.

reviewed by the mgmnt