The Sisters Love / Ecstasy, Passion & Pain Give Me Your Love / Ask Me 12"

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Another classic NYC dance edit from the master, Danny Krivit. The Sisters Love’s killer version of Curtis Mayfield’s “Gimme Your Love” was a staple at David Mancuso’s Loft parties, where midtempo, pre-disco soul cuts like this were big. Krivit’s subtle extended edit draws out and doubles the nasty percussion breaks, generally adding more niceness without messing with the structure of the original too much. It’s simply a great, great song that is made even better. Also included on the flip is Krivit’s re-work of “Ask Me” by Ecstasy, Passion and Pain (of “Touch And Go” fame), which is an upbeat disco banger. The skillfull filtering effects on the intro and the break makes you long for the days before the French ruined the filtered sound with their own inept approximation of the live EQing techniques that Chicago and New York DJs pioneered; yeah, I’m hating. Nice loud pressings of both tracks.

  • music label: Disco Juice 2003
reviewed by Language