The Soft Moon The Soft Moon (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Debut studio album from Oakland's The Soft Moon. The band's eponymous debut was recorded by frontman Luis Vasquez over the course of a year in his apartment. The sound is eerie and claustrophobic, steeped in the industrial and goth sounds of the 1980s. Vasquez's vocals rarely rise above a whisper, giving the music an added edge of creepiness. His instrumentals are grounded by motorik rhythms that are punctuated by incessant bass lines, distorted guitars and droning synths. Much of the album would not be out of place on a John Carpenter soundtrack. Although Vasquez sticks closely to his palette there is enough variation amongst the tracks that make up the album. Eleven tracks in all. Released by Captured Tracks on white vinyl with a download code.

  • colored vinyl pressing
  • digital download included
  • music label: Captured Tracks 2010 / 2015
reviewed by Knight Surfer 06/2016