• The Strokes: Room On Fire Vinyl
  • The Strokes: Room On Fire Vinyl
  • The Strokes: Room On Fire Vinyl

The Strokes
Room On Fire Vinyl LP


↳ pedigree-affirming 2nd album from 2003

Vinyl LP $18.95
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So the downtown darlings are back, but this time it's gonna be a lot tougher. Everyone that used to sweat these guys swears they suck now cause the got popular, and while these broads were flipping over the Postal Service album (that sucked), The Strokes were busy recording another dope album. Let's face it, we (America) love prep school boys. Rushmore? Dead Poet's Society? Toy Soldiers? Need I say more? So when these handsome lads stop washing their hair and pick up guitars, we love them even more. Just cause Julian Casablancas (Rock and Roll Mark Ronson) grew up rich as fuck don't mean their music ain't dope. Bottom line, this album is good. I really am fucking with these guys, cause there is no dance-rock post bandwagon bullshit on here, just good songs. "What Ever Happened" and the lead single "12:51" are good formula stuff. "Between Love and Hate" is a slight departure from their regular stuff, definitely some Clash influence here. I had to mention "Meet Me In The Bathroom" cause it's been a theme with me over the past year and a half. "The End Has No End" is another good joint. All in all, a good album but only time will tell if it can hold up to their first, which to me is classic. One more thing, if you really want to hear The Strokes how they're meant to be heard, go out and meet some stranger, stay at their house, wake up in a strange bed, light a smoke (optional) and start the album. Sounds corny, but I'm a corny guy.

  • black vinyl pressing
  • printed insert
  • music label: RCA 2003
reviewed by Roctakon 11/2003


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