The True Underground Sound Of Rome 1991 - 2016 Secret Doctrine Vinyl LP

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What did Italian underground dance sound like in the 90s? It sounded amazing, judging from this repress of Secret Doctrine, a rare and sought after EP. Male Records is the first Italian indy electronic-house imprint from the 90s based in Rome, and in 1991, Chicco Furlotti, the label manager who was behind early Italian raves and the club scene, released The True Underground Sound of Rome - Secret Doctrine featuring big names like Stefano Di Carlo, Leo Young, and Mauro Tannino. From the flute & ethereal soundscapes-laced intro of the opener “Secret Doctrine” and the rhythmic pads & rolling percussion of “Mystic Ritual” to the raw, Chicago-influenced “Goa-Goa,” the record is full of dancefloor gems, and it also contains two unreleased tracks, “Mystic Ritual” and “Esoteric Culte,” both 1991 recordings. Only 475 copies have been pressed, and all the tracks have been remastered from the original tapes… Don’t miss out!

  • music label: Male Productions 1991 / 2016
reviewed by buffalo fingers 05/2016