Theo Parrish Footwork Vinyl 12"

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First single from Theo Parrish's American Intelligence album, and it's a banger! The Detroit producer takes elements from broken beat and techno to create the instantly soulful and funky "Footwork." The subtle vocal hook asks to "Let me see your footwork" as layers of percussion and bass play off of each other. The track is simple but straightforward in its effectiveness. The flip side is a little more classic Theo Parrish. "Tympanic Warfare" takes its time slowly evolving as each layer of sound is added on. It packs just as much funk as the a-side but comes from a completely different direction. Given the quality of this release, we're eagerly anticipating what's coming next from the legendary DJ and producer. Recommended.

  • music label: Sound Signature 2014
reviewed by Joey Coco 06/2014