Theo Parrish Space Station / Going Through Changes 12"

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Detroit still representing to the fullest on the 35th release from Theo's Sound Signature label. You already know it's going to be dope, but let me elaborate on the tracks as they are exceptionally good this time around. On "Spacestation" Theo takes you on a journey thru the dark and moody world of Detroit techno with a little help from Omar S on sound selection and arrangement. It is an ominous sound scape that clearly shows the influences of both artists on the same track. Easy to get lost in the sound. "Goin' Through Changes" on the flip side is the complete opposite with a warm and organic vibe - a nice balance to the colder and more mechanical feel of the A- side. The track features vocals from 19 year old newcomer Danny Banks making it undeniably soulful, and with Theo manning the production, you know it's gotta be uniquely funky and sincere. Defintely Recommended.

  • music label: Sound Signature 2010
reviewed by snackmaster