Theo Parrish The Dance of the Medusa 12"

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Detroit house beatdown from the style innovator, Theo Parrish. Mr. Parrish takes it deeper than most with the latest offering (#49 if your keeping count!) on his esteemed Sound Signature imprint. The title track ("Dance Of The Medusa") combines a heavy, freeform jazz aesthetic with stomping 4/4 drums for that heads down basement vibe Theo has mastered. Next up, "Bubbles" brings it further left with a raw and primitive techno vibe laced with skittering percussion and otherworldly instrumentation, while "Ambalance" continues the vibe with more freeform experimentation in sound sculpting. Advanced listening right here, try to keep up.

  • music label: Sound Signature 2013
reviewed by TKB 02/2013