Thesda Spaced Out Vinyl LP

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Unless you're of the digger elite, chances are you've never head of Thesda. Originally released in 1979 as a tiny private press of 100 copies, Spaced Out would prove to be the Washington DC-based group's sole release, and a bonafide jazz funk masterpiece to boot. Here the group reached a peak that combined cosmic, jazz, funk, soul, and disco moods in one coherent yet totally far-out vibe. Check the funky bumps of "Bongo Lumbo," the sublime title track "Spaced Out," or "Head Trip" for a taste. The small vinyl run was only distributed to friends and family of the band, making copies that trickled into the collector market go for upwards of $500. Thankfully to Australia's Left Ear Records has brought this uber rare gem back to the surface with a top quality reissue. Fans of Placebo, MandreDexter Wansel, etc. should check. Recommended. 

  • music label: Left Ear Records 2016
reviewed by neck cork 06/2016