Thomas Bangalter Trax On Da Rocks Vol.1 (Daft Punk) 12"

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It was 1995 and Daft Punk had not yet become a household name. Thomas Bangalter, one half of the then unmasked duo, set up Roulé Records as an outlet for his other projects as well as fellow producer extraordinaires Romanthony, DJ Falcon, Roy Davis Jr and Alan Braxe. Trax On Da Rocks was Bangalter's continuation of the more Acid / Chicago based tracks you can still here in Daft Punk debut album "Homework". Though the opening cut 'On Da Rocks' is a certified proto French Filter House groover, the rest of the EP lies deeply in Chicago. Stand out track 'What To Do' was recently flipped by Clek Clek Boom's Bambounou and both stand on their own as amazing club tracks that bang like crazy. If you are a fan of Daft Punk and Trax Records, then this is exactly for you. Recommended.

  • music label: Roule Records 2012
reviewed by taco vato 1/2013