Tiger & Woods Scoring Clubs Pt.2 EP Vinyl 12"

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Tiger & Woods are at it again! The Editainment bosses have effectively become the go-to dudes for bangin', no-frills disco house reworks, and once again they deliver in aces. With Scoring Clubs Pt. 2 the secretive duo give you two more tracks to work the floor over with kicking off with the ridiculously good "Boca." Don't be fooled by the intro, as the track takes its sweet time for the pay-off (approx. 4 min of build-up drums!) - but when it hits, it is sooo worth it. On the flip, the guys give Rainbow Team's italo jam "Bite The Apple" the loop-up/chop-up treatment and that they do oh so well. 

  • music label: T&W Records 2016
reviewed by Looper Fiasco 05/2016