Tiger & Woods Tool Kit For Winter Fitness Vinyl 2x10"

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2x10" Vinyl $26.95
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Limited edit heat on double 10" from the Editainment bossmen, Tiger & Woods! Lab heads already know how T&G get down, seriously freaking the funkiest disco and boogie bits for maximum movement - and here on they hook up another set of secret weapons for maximum dancefloor destruction. If you checked out their recent Winter Fitness mix, you might recognize some of the moments here on the Tool Kit For Winter Fitness, but either way the grooves here are undeniable. Just check the Chic-style riffs on Tool #1, the bass-driven funk of Tool #3, and the filtered Daft style beats of Tool #4 for a taste. Serious "tools" for those that like to work the EQ's and freak the mix. One-time run of 1000 copies, recommended. 

  • music label: Editainment 2014
reviewed by TKB 02/2014