Tiny Hearts Stay EP (Wajeed) 12"

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Dirty Tech's Tiny Hearts is really starting to take shape. We first got word of them through their remix of Electric Street Orchestra's "Reconstruct," but it was hard to pin down what exactly was going on. The trio of Jeedo (Wajeed), soul vocalist Dede and jazz composer Tim K hit us with Stay, their first EP. The four songs on offer really give us a taste of what Tiny Hearts has to offer. It's a brooding mix of modern soul with a heavy dose of Detroit beat work and electronic production techniques. A pretty quality mix of elements that usually swim parallel courses and rarely intersect. Equally at home on booming systems and more intimate moments. And it seems like a continuation of Jeedo's work in Platinum Pied Pipers. There's plenty going on, from the laser focused production to Dede's emotive vocals. We definitely recommend wrapping your ears around this one!

  • music label: Dirty Tech Records 2013
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 11/2013