TNGHT TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $13.00
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Lab store doods have been sprouting DJ wood over super-duo TNGHT (Hudson Mohawk + Lunice) for a minute now. I must admit it's pretty cool, a great example of a "creative collaboration". Kinda reminds me of old 45rpm rave records played at 33pm (I had this Suburban Base record that I would play at 33 even though it was meant for 45). As a big proponent of negative space, I love all the vacuous pockets on these tracks, just makes the bass POP more. Yeah, this is stoner music at the highest level... put a pillow by the speaker and have that fruity drink within arms reach. Recommended.

  • music label: Warp/Luckyme 2012
reviewed by the mgmnt 08/2012