Todd Terje Weighed & Measured 2CD

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It's no secret that Todd's edits get major play from discerning DJs everywhere. It's also no secret that his edits make the floor go off! Though Mr. Terje is not re-inventing the wheel here, he does have quite the Midas Touch when it comes to re-arranging classic dancefloor material and more obscure tracks to become complete dancefloor bombs. Here you get 24 signature Terje edits (many of which were available at one time or another on vinyl), giving your next disco playlist a serious overhaul. Here are some obvious winners - "All I Do," "Diamonds Dub," "Land Of Hunger," "I Get Lifted," "Aquarius," "I I I," "Dance and Chant," and "Utopia." You can't lose with this. Recommended.

reviewed by Cmish