Tomas Pink Nedits (Ned Doheny) Vinyl 12"

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12" Vinyl $19.95
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Get It Up, Get It Up For God... Just on the artwork alone this should be an immediate cop. This is levels upon levels of awesome. Level 1: The obvious Ned Flanders / Simpsons reference is there but for those into the greatness that is Ned Doheny, only you can appreciate this cover flip... Level 2: Then Tomas Pink went and called it Nedits, the only name this thing should be called. Now onto the music. The hand numbered EP takes four Ned Doheny cuts and re-edits / remixes them for much more DJ friendly playback. Level 3: Track titles hit us with more Springfield references. 'Prove Maude Love', 'Sickly Sweet Fiction', 'Neighbor Of Love'... Genius! Originally released as digital only, Pink went ahead and made a VERY limited 100 copies of this on nicely pressed wax with the best artwork of the year. Get two!

  • music label: Tomas Pink Music 2015
reviewed by okily dokily 10/2015