Toro Y Moi Causers Of This (Free MP3) Vinyl LP

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Acclaimed debut full length from Toro Y Moi from 2010. Causers Of This put Toro Y Moi (aka South Carolina's Chaz Bundick) on the map with his chilled out blend of r&b, indie, and electronic pop. The sounds here fit in well with chillwave, but there's a little something else that puts Toro Y Moi on a level of its own. Maybe it's the cool vocal harmonies or the funky synth and guitar work, but whatever it is - it's damn catchy and very unique. Check out the slowed down chops of "Fax Shadow," the bright laid back funk of "Talamak," the new school r&b groove of "Causers Of This," or the mellow make out beats of "Imprint After" for a taste. If you like these styles, also be sure to check his follow up <i>Underneath The Pine</i> (with that track recently featured on Entourage!). 11 tracks in all with free MP3 download included. 

  • music label: Carpark / 2010
reviewed by snackmaster 08/2011