Toro Y Moi June 2009 (Free MP3, Postcard, Sticker) 5x7"

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Step into Toro Y Moi's time travelling DeLorean and go back to the late 2000's. That's what's happening on June 2009, a retrospective of work from before Chaz Bundick's rise to fame in the indie music scene. The production contained on these five 7"s actually pre-date his 2 full lengths and give us a glimpse of Toro's early experimentation with music software and sampling (from June 2009, duh). The slick synths and technical wizardry of his later efforts is swapped out for a hazy lo-fi glow that ties all these tracks together stylistically. Lots of fuzzy guitars on here too, plus the mellow emotion driven vocals with naive melodies make for a great listening with your significant other. 10 previously unreleased tracks spread over 5 x 45s, each with their own cover art. Also includes a free digital download, postcard, and stickers. Recommended.

  • music label: Carpark Records 2012
reviewed by TKB 05/2012