Toro Y Moi Underneath The Pine (Free MP3) Vinyl LP

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Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi drops his second full-length, Underneath The Pine. His debut album, Causers Of This, was a dreamy chillwave affair produced with a slew of synths, drum machines, and effects, but this time around, the South Carolina-based artist builds tracks with live instruments. The resulting sound is a combination of soft rock, pop, and in some cases, bits of soul and disco ("New Beat"), which creates an alluringly hazy backdrop for Moi's emotive, mellow vocals. Lyrically, Moi explores similar themes as he did in Causers - friends, family, girlfriends, etc - and verses like "that's what I still want now/ even if I'm here and I think that you won't be waiting/ 'cause I don't want to be alone" in "Still Sound" showcase his songwriting talent. Stand out tracks include "Good Hold," "Light Black," "Go With You" and "Divina."

  • music label: Carpark 2011
reviewed by Nakinboots