Clouds I Care Because You Don't Vinyl 12"

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Clouds representing for the Scottish techno underworld! The duo has been releasing heavy and ragged bangers on Tiga's Turbo imprint for the past few years. They've bottled that up and spread the love for I Care Because You Don't, a compilation that collects tracks from some like minded Scots and delivers on the promise of forward moving techno. The standouts include the Clouds' own "Blood Skating" which trades in Aphexian vibes with eerie pads and distorted drums. DJ Hesburger's "Roll Up Your Sleeves, Welcome To The Dance" trades in the same feelings for an equally satisfying tune. For all that we hear of music coming out of the UK it's great to have some specific focus on Scotland. Definitely looking out for more from Clouds and the rest of the crew.

  • music label: Turbo 2014
reviewed by Le Haim 10/2014