TV Carnage Casual Fridays DVD

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The story behind this: some guy Pinky in Montreal records years and years worth of television of every sort imaginable, then condenses it into 2 hours of smartly edited, grandly thematic snippets. Kind of like a giant tv megamix with all the best stupid shit you can imagine. It's fast, hilarious and wildly entertaining, even Vice says so! You will witness: cops, idiots, gary coleman, excessive displays of normaldom, the gays, a rodeo monkey riding a dog, 80s infomercials, new agers and so much more. Comes with a moist toilette, an airplane "queezy sack," a fake $1000 bill and a strange photocopied arrest report from Idaho. Perfect thing for your next dorm room party and much better than real tv for when you're feeling down. First time on DVD. Recommended.

reviewed by the mgmnt 05/2005