• TV Carnage: Ouch Television My Brain Hurts DVD

TV Carnage
Ouch Television My Brain Hurts DVD

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Classic Carnage! The very first installment in the saga from '96, finally reissued on DVD. If you're not familiar with TVC, each volume features hours and hours of excruciatingly bad television, edited down into a more digestable (but still unbearable) chunk by some Canadian genius. Even though the series was young and the editing more primitive, Ouch Technology My Brain Hurts contains all the TV Carnage hallmarks we've come to expect through the years: bad public access, out-of-touch news reporters, French Canadians singing the blues, Gary Coleman doing any number of embarrassing things in front of audiences, the Junior Village People, and so much more (or less). The clips play for much longer than in later volumes, which is a good or bad thing depending on your cringe tolerance. Haven't even had time to dig into the bonus features, but it looks like there are plenty. The commentary tracks are always great, too, but dude should go back to disguising his voice 20/20 style! Highly recommended.

reviewed by Larri Byrd 01/2008



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