Twin Shadow Eclipse (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl LP

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Twin Shadow has spent the past few years releasing 80s new wave influenced pop. For his latest, Eclipse, George Lewis Jr. has moved from 4AD to Warner Bros and the difference in sound is striking. The tightly wound songs of past albums like his 2010 debut, Forget, and 2012's Confess are blown wide open. Lewis has fully moved away from the Simple Minds influence and embraced something bigger. There are still traces of TV on the Radio bubbling under the surface, but Eclipse shows that Twin Shadow is poised to break free of those comparisons. Lewis has learned to loosen up and let go a little more, giving fans the full payoff with this album. It's all about the anthems with Eclipse, and this album is poised to overshadow anything that George Lewis Jr. has previously let out into the world.

  • white vinyl pressing
  • gatefold sleeve
  • includes download
  • music label: Warner Bros. Records 2015
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 04/2015