Ubiquity These Are The Breaks Vinyl 2LP

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What do Beck and Beyonce have in common? Aside from being the center of the recent Kanye Grammy drama, they both sampled from the Ubiquity catalog! As a matter of fact, many have borrowed bits from the Ubiquity crates. Everyone from Dilla to DJ Shadow, Mobb Deep to Talib Kweli, and even Nicolas Jaar have all snagged a bit of Ubiquity's funk for their tracks. These Are The Breaks puts the focus on said tracks and compiles 12 cuts that have been sampled from the Luv N Haight and Ubiquity catalog. Needless to say, all the originals have 'nuff funk in the trunk to make you shake ya junk. Check tracks from Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers, The Propositions, Soft Touch, Eugene Blacknell, Gap Mangione, and more.

  • 12 tracks all sampled by well known artists
  • music label: Ubiquity 2012
reviewed by Paul Bayer 02/2015