Unlimited Touch / Grace Jones Searching To Find The One / Pull Up To The Bumper 12"

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Ballroom drops two sneaky re-edits that will appeal to deep-crated dance heads as well as the casual disco/funk conneiseour. Unlimited Touch released the original version of "Searching..." on Prelude in the early 80's and it remains a perfect example of the hard-edged New York club funk of the era. The bass-n-break heavy "Re-touch" presented on this single can proudly stand alongside the original and will probably supersede it in some DJ's crates. Grace Jones' "Pull Up To the Bumper" should need no introduction, and this exclusive dub edit will turn the heads of those who've only heard the vocal version. Sly and Robbie rule the rhythm here, and the complete absence of vocals make it only a matter of time before some clever spinner out there finds the perfect accapella to rock over it.

  • music label: Ballroom 2003
reviewed by monk