V/A The Funky Side of P&P Records Box Set

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Sure, you're familiar with P&P's illustrious disco history, but whatchuknowbout the funkier side of the Peter Brown & Patrick Adams empire? Honestly, I didn't know jack about these tracks (nor did Snack, and that's really saying something) so my hunch is these seven faithful repro 45s are gonna come as a surprise to most people. Here are some choice jams to check, but as with most things P&P, this is quality throughout and fully worth investigating: Eddie Owen - "Determination," Ella Hamilton - "I'm Gonna Fool You," Sons of Darkness - "Funky Thing," Henry Brooks - "Greatest Debt to My Mother," Otis Turner & The Mighty Kingpins - "Do The Funky Donkey," Wild Honey - "I've Been Working."

  • music label: P&P / 2008
reviewed by Van Hammersly 11/2008