Jazzman Blues And Rhythm Revue CD

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DJ Liam Large started The Jukebox Jam club night in 2007. A monthly gathering centered around "authentic US rhythm & blues," the party helped the "slow but steady spread" of similar nights and in the process began reissuing, as limited edition 45s, "hard to find, under-exposed, forgotten r&b obscurities" in conjunction with Jazzman Records. Jukebox Jam!: Blues and Rhythm Revue pulls from the 45 series with Liam adding 8 more songs, with tracks from the likes of Etta James (r.i.p.), Frances Burr, Big Maybelle, Jack Tucker, Eunice Davis, Terry Timmons, Barga Benitez and more promising to "get you off your feet and moving." 22 songs total, includes extensive original liner notes and never-before-seen pictures.

  • music label: Jazzman
reviewed by Nakinboots 01/2012