V/A Pop Ambient (w/ FREE CD) 2012 LP

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New to the world of modern ambient music? Let Kompakt be your guide. Each year, the long running Pop Ambient series collects the best in slow churning soundscapes and mellow moods to set a supremely chill and introspective atmosphere in your headphones and/or sound system. For anyone just getting into the increasingly deep world of leftfield ambient and experimental music, these comps are a godsend. This is the 2012 edition and features a prime selection of cuts from artists like Superpitcher, Morek, Magazine, Wolfgang Voigt, Marsen Jules, Bvdub, Simon Scott and others. Obviously don't get into this looking for heavy beats or grooves - but do go in with an open mind (and maybe a spliff wouldn't hurt) and your ears will be pleasantly rewarded. 10 tracks total with free CD version included.

  • music label: Kompakt 2012
reviewed by The Kosmische Beard 02/2012