V/A Factory Records 12" Mixes & Rarities 1980-1987 2LP

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The good folks at Strut shine some light on the dancier side of iconic Manchester label Factory Records for Factory Dance. Everyone knows the label's iconic acts like Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays, but here we get treated to some of the lesser known bands that graced the label during the early 80's when Factory was exploring jazz funk, experimental soul, and even reggae territories. Boogie heads will want to check the 52nd Street material, especially "Cool As Ice," while X-O-Dus "See Them A Come" is perfect for the dancehall. Did you know Factory ever took it there? Neither did I! You also get the underground disco-not-disco joint from Quando Quango ("Atom Rock NY Mix") as well as electro from Section 25 on "Looking From A Hilltop." There's even some garage house soul (Marcel King "Reach For Love"), chilled-out balearica (Durutti Column's "For Belgian Friends") and a good dose of experimental no wave business from Swamp Children, Blurt, and A Certain Ratio. An outstanding collection compiled by Bill Brewster (author of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and DJHistory.com founder). 12 tracks in all spread over 2 LPs, recommended. 

  • music label: Strut / 2011
reviewed by snackmaster 10/2011