Vampi Soul Feten Rare Jazz Recordings from Spain 1961 - 1974 2LP / CD

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Throughout the 1960s and 1970s jazz did not enjoy widespread popularity in Spain. There was a scarcity of releases dedicated to the genre due in large part to the desires of Spanish record labels. However, the remain a handful of jazz releases from this period that deserve to be heard by a wider audience. The musicians involved helped pave the way for jazz in Spain and the recordings can hold their own in the world of jazz. Fetén brings together a selection of recordings made in Spain between 1961 and 1974. The selected tracks were original released on vinyl that has become impossible to find. These are unique recordings spanning modal jazz, hard bop and even avant-garde jazz by Spanish musicians such as Mantequilla, Juan Carlos Calderón, Ricard Roda and Vlady Bas, as well as by international jazzmen like Dusko Goykovich, Lou Bennett and Tino Contreras. The compilation is a result of years of searches in market stalls and record fairs, trades with other collectors, phone calls to second-hand dealers, countless hours of online research, and a lot of dusty fingers. Aside from being a collection of rare and hard to find tracks, Fetén provides a window into a lost moment in the history of jazz in Spain.

  • music label: Vampisoul 2012
reviewed by Señor Sueño Latino 01/2013