Visuals Visuals (Darkside) 12"

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Nicolas Jaar produced Slow Mo New Wave / Dark Disco. Not a lot of information on the artist known as visuals other than some quick internet searches mentioning a New York born, Berlin based operation. That's fine mystery is welcomed in a world filled with too much information. Besides I don't need to know who the person is behind the music to know that it's f*cking rad! Sure Darkside aka Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington produced the EP and it's on Jaar's Other People label, but again let's focus on the tunes. Opening up with "Slowed", the EP feels like The Knife changed their name with an ominous slow mo beat and meaty synth take over. "No Result" is a Krauty jam that recalls the early work of John Foxx. The flips features the most dance floor friendly tune "Remote Control" and a full on curve ball in "Fifteen" which sounds like The Velvet Underground recording in Tompkins Square Park circa 2005. Yeah we recommend the sh*t out of this.

  • music label: Other People 2013
reviewed by My Neighbor Thun Thun Thun 01/2014