Walls Coracle (Limited Edition White Vinyl) LP+CD

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If there ever was a record that had a chance of both empathizing with and curing a heavy case of Seasonal Affected Disorder it would have to be Walls' Coracle. With the dark drone that slowly builds into album opener "Into Our Midst" you're given an invitation into the world of the Walls. From there they simultaneously channel Animal Collective and Gang Gang Dance on "Heat Haze". Its one part Beach Boys harmonies and another part primal. But the Walls don't really seem to want you to dance; they just want you to chill out. Even the arpeggiated bass line of "Sunporch" is wondering why you're acting so crazy. These dudes do a bang up job of creating the ultimate winter soundtrack. One that will keep you warm while you stare at the clouds outside of your window and remind you that summer is just a few more months away.

  • music label: Kompakt 2011
reviewed by: The Voice 10/2011