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Wareika Hill Sounds No More War 10"

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10" Vinyl $12.00
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Legendary Jamaican trombonist, Calvin "Bubbles" Cameron (Light Of Saba), has bucked the musical matrix with his Wareika Hill Sounds project . Legends that try to modernize their music style are generally setup to fail. However, Cameron has successfully created something special with a Wareika full length and a string of critically acclaimed singles. This 10" EP is the band's first output since 2010 and it showcases their unique brand of dubby, meandering beatscapes. Songs like "Universe In Crisis" are just so unique from the drum patterns to the recording and mastering techniques (not to mention Cameron's inimitable, dubbed-out trombone). Recommended.

  • music label: Honest Jon's Records 2013
reviewed by the mgmnt 06/2013