Washed Out Life Of Leisure Vinyl LP

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Man, I really love this record.  We finally managed to get our mitts on some copies, now that it's on its third pressing.  The original pressing is going for over 150 Euros these days, and this edition is limited to 2000 copies, so don't expect it to be around long.  Washed Out is Ernest Greene, and this EP of hazy bedroom synth-pop is probably one of the most notable releases of the so-called Chill Wave genre.  It's sensitive white boy daydream music at its finest, perfect for lazy summer days at the beach.  If you haven't heard any of his stuff before, start with "Feel It All Around" - it's probably the best track here, built from a slowed down italo disco sample and absolutely drenched in reverb.  Other favorites include "You'll See It," (probably the only one of these that you could get away with on the dancefloor, and even then it's kind of a stretch), "New Theory," and "Hold Out."  All six of em are gorgeous though.  Comes in a hand-numbered pic sleeve (how perfect is that cover art, btw?) and plays at 45.  Cop this, take a few bong hits and then slip into some mellow 80s vibes; you won't regret it.  Recommended. 

  • music label: Mexican Summer / 2010
reviewed by Hires 07/2010