Wax Poetics Cover Story - Album Cover Art Book

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The vinyl connoisseurs at Wax Poetics are brilliant for this one. The concept gathers some of the magazine's most esteemed contributors (Monk One, Dante Carfagna, and J. P. Jones to name a few) to pick out 20 of their most personable albums and pair them up according to their individual significance. The result is a combination of rare record art, classics and funky music juxtaposed in an intriguing order. Kinda like a random assortment of "Desert Island" picks, if you will. The only text is in the preface and intro, but besides that the mystery of the pair ups are as subjective as the music locked in the grooves. The covers range from comedic, funky and outrageous, to refined, poetic and thought provoking (see detail pics) but all of them carry a timeless quality. Because this indirectly highlights the working artist before computers, I highly suggest this for anyone interested in graphics for music. I think you'll agree that the old methods were less fleeting. Recommended.

  • 288 pages, softcover