Wee Down Boy No Cure Disco (Diana Ross, Paper Dolls) 12"

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The original Disconet version of Diana Ross' "Love Hangover" is one of those super useful tempo change records that always does the job of coolin' out the floor before bringing the heat up once again when the beat drops. This handy "No Cure Disco" features that same breakdown and drop, but also adds an uptempo intro so you can actually mix it in a disco set before letting it breakdown to give the crowd that much needed breather. This is an indispesnsable tool for DJ's that won't leave the bag anytime soon! Also includes a great extended and filtered version of the Patrick Adam's produced underground disco classic "Get Down Boy" re-named as "Wee Down Boy." Shout out to dailysession for the hook up - hot stuff!

  • music label: DSRecords 2011
reviewed by: Snackmaster 12/2011