Will Sessions Mix Takes LP

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Will Sessions are at it again! After garnering props from everyone (including DJ Premier) on those Elmatic instrumentals, and killing it on the funk tip on all those (now sold out) Funk Night 7"s, the five piece band from Detroit is back with "mix takes". What is a mix take you ask? A "mix take" is actually one long continuous funk jam, recorded live and in one take, that goes through all manner of classic hip-hop and funk break tunes. Hear Dilla and Slum Village beats flawlessy morph into the funk breaks they came from, live versions of Nas instrumentals with fresh unheard solos, you get the idea. And if you don't check the video below. Super dope stuff! No tracklist (as it is all a continuous a mix of grooves), but real heads will be able to call all the songs on this piece. Recommended.

  • music label: Fat Beats 2012
reviewed by Von Bee 01/2012