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There's dusty thrift store in north Brooklyn that's reached a sort of cult status amongst record diggers in NY. It was one of those spots where a few hours time would result in unearthing some hidden gems. If you've been checking out the TTL ECE blog for a few years you might have caught a pic of Michna along with Snack & Cmish doing their due diligence in the basement there. At this point it's been gone through by just about everyone and their mother, but the lucky few are able to come away with some serious finds. Anyway, this is all besides the point. WOZ is one of those records that you are lucky to find if you ever do. Not so much as a sought after digger piece, but more so because of its inherent singularity amongst recorded music. Originally released in 1981 on what was ostensibly a private label, WOZ is one man's shot into the brave new world of affordable synthesizers and home recording. Something that could only have been created at that moment and put down on wax, only to be forgotten about and lost in time. Fortunately WT Records came across the album in some dusty basement and saw fit to make an attempt to reissue it. From WT Records: Originally released in a highly limited pressing in 1981, this synth jazz funk soundtrack freakout record was destined for cult status. WT Records found a copy in a dirty basement complete with newspaper clippings and a business card. A search began for this multi-instrumentalist from Wilmington, Delaware. WT tracked him down through various websites and made contact with the still active musician. After several unsuccessful attempts at reissuing the record on other labels, WT Records stepped up to give this lost gem a wider release. These 9 tracks cover the whole spectrum of emotions, from schizophrenic drum machine dissonance to dreamy, soothing soundtracks. Truly a must-have cult reissue.

  • Music Label: WT Records 2012
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 10/2012



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