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This five song EP set it all off for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The NYC trio is obviously huge now, but this 13-minute 2001 debut had two things going for it that seemed to get lost on later full-lengths. First off the, sound is raw - real raw, like Pete Rock wouldn't even step in their basement raw. Secondly the cover art is impossible to ignore, a full sleeve photo of lead singer Karen O's bare chest, covered up with only a gold chain inscribed with the word "MASTER." The YYY's represent the more punk side of NY's rock rebirth with the opening track "Bang" that gives me an image of Ms. O prancing around the stage spilling beer on her miniskirt and fucking up shit, all while maintaining a feminine demeanor. She does the Blondie "Rapture" thing on "Art Star," by rhyming in all cute, but with an aggressive hook. By now I must sound obsessed with Karen O, but it's not my fault - she really makes the group for me. Also check "Mystery Girl" and "Miles Away," and tell me you really care about anything but the girl.

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  • music label: Touch & Go Records 2002
reviewed by jms 04/2016