Yo La Tengo And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (Free MP3) Vinyl 2LP

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Originally released in 2000, An Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out is Yo La Tengo's ninth studio album. Although the noise rock influence shows in tracks like "Cherry Chapstick," And Then Nothing is characterized by the band's subdued approach to songwriting, where distortion and feedback are kept to a minimum in favor of atmospheric melodies/soundscapes and muffled rhythms. Consequently, the album often dips into dream pop/ambient-rock territories. Check out the hypnotic textures in "Tears Are in Your Eyes," "From Black To Blue," "Saturday," "Our Way To Fall," and the epic, 17-minute long "Night Falls On Hoboken." Double LP pressed on 120 gram vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve, includes free download. Recommended.

  • music label: Matador 2000 / 2011
reviewed by nakinboots 08/2011