Yosuke Tominaga Haze Pt. 1&2 Vinyl 7"

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Big breaks from Japan! Yosuke Tominaga is a well known funk DJ from Japan. He's been releasing private press funk records over the past few year through his Champ Records label. These hard to find records were sold by Yosuke at parties he played and are pretty hard to find. Kenny Dope knew he wanted to press something of theirs on Kay-Dee as soon as Yosuke handed him the Champ Records catalog. "Haze Pt. 1 & 2" features Root Soul (band leader of Kyoto Jazz Massive) on bass, Hiderow Nishioka (one of the most demanded percussionist in Japan) on percussion and Satosho "Tiger" Okano from Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro on drums. It was recorded at a club in Tokyo called The Room. Kenny Dope mixed down the master recordings to 1/4" tape and the end result is the 7" we have here. Once you have a listen you'll see why Kenny Dope wanted to put something of Tominaga's out.

  • music label: Kay Dee 2014
reviewed by Michu Meszaros 05/2014