Zafsmusic Private Wax Vol.2 - Super Rare Boogie & Disco Vinyl 3LP

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Elite digging compilation from Zafs Music. As the world gets pillaged for all things meaningful, some things stand out from the piles of sacred discoveries. Zafs specializes in uber rare soul tunes, mostly American, but not exclusively... the underlying theme is solid and soulful. Their Private Wax compilation series for BBE grabs possibly thousands of dollars worth of rare Disco and Boogie and puts them together for the first time. Part one sold out so quick here I didn't even get a copy for myself. Part Two picks up where they left off and went even deeper that will give the biggest diggers butterflies in their tummies. Remastered, liner notes inside, and some very subtle re-edits from Sean P (don't worry, he knows what he is doing). To not get two copies of this comp is to say you hate the roots of America. DO IT.

  • music label: BBE 2015
reviewed by Stinky Sandwich 11/2015